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I am a New Mexico native who has lived and worked within our beautiful community for almost my entire life.  I have just graduated with my Master of Arts in Counseling from UNM in 2018.  While I have only recently begun my career as a counselor, I have worked in the mental field for 4 years, more specifically with in-patient and residential substance abuse treatment.  I have also had training in trauma therapy and working with youth who cause sexual harm.  I am interested in working with adults, adolescents, children age 9 and up that have concerns regarding issues of adjustment, anxiety, depression, grief, as well as those who have experienced trauma.

I practice counseling from an Adlerian perspective, which means that my role in a client's treatment is to help clients explore and understand how they "fit" in the context of their life, then take that understanding to achieve change, personal growth, and fulfillment.  This perspective allows the flexibility to tailor my approach and incorporate tenets and interventions from other modalities to best suit the client and their needs.

My goal as your counselor is to provide a safe space help you achieve resolution with the concerns that brought you here and find insight, growth, and empowerment as you move forward.  

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