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Outpatient mental health counseling services

Group Services


Emotional Regulation

This 24-week long therapeutics group will explore habitual patterns, the stages of change, coping strategies, relationships, and lifestyle as it applies to substance abuse and domestic violence. 

Illness Management and Recovery

This group is designed for individuals 18 years and over, who are managing chronic mental health concerns. Topics will include managing symptoms, medications and side effects, accessing community resources, and developing a social support network, and many others. This is a long-term group that extends over a period of several months. 

Adolescent Support

The teen years are often a time of choas and struggle for both children and their parents. It is important for teens to have adult outside of their family that they feel they can talk to and trust.

Cardiac Support

This ongoing support group is for individuals living life after a heart attack or heart surgery. Wide-ranging topics are discussed from the shared viewpoint of being cardiac survivors.  

Some group services may be temporarily unavailable. Check the events page for currently active groups.