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Outpatient mental health counseling services




Individual counseling services are offered by each of clinicians here at Age to Age. Our clinicians have a vast array of experience and training to help and treat an equally broad range of client concerns.

To learn about the educational backgrounds, theoretical orientations, training, and specific services offered by each of our clinicians, refer to our staff page.



Sometimes healing is more effective when experiences are shared. We currently offer group counseling in the following areas:  

  • Emotional Regulation
  • Adolescent Support
  • Cardiac Support
  • Wellness Management 

Learn more about our groups here. Meeting times can be found on the events page.


Couples and Family

There are a number of reasons why people elect to attend relationship counseling together. Often those reasons are related to improving communication, resolving conflict between the individuals, enhancing intimacy and building trust.

A focus of therapy may also include the family unit. Oftentimes family therapy seeks to resolve issues between children and their parents, but may also involve bridging communication between parents regarding their children.  

More information about couples and family therapy can be found here and here.

Expressive Arts


Expressive arts counseling is a powerful and effective modality for addressing areas of trauma or internal conflict that may be difficult to verbalize. Using an array of media, including color, symbol and form, the client is offered the means of communicating without relying solely on words. More information about expressive art therapy can be found here.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapeutic approach utilized as a method of treatment, primarily for those who have experienced a trauma. EMDR is a set of standardized protocols that incorporates elements from many other treatment approaches. Several of the clinicians, here at Age to Age, have been trained and utilize EMDR in their therapeutic repertoire to help clients bring about the change and/or relief they are seeking in their lives. Find more information at the EMDRIA and EMDR HAP websites.  

Psychological Testing


Sometimes this type of testing is recommended by a psychiatrist, primary care physician or surgeon seeking clearance for a medical procedure, and generally includes assessment and history gathering prior to actual testing. Age to Age Counseling routinely offers psychological testing for Bariatric Surgical Clearance, Disability Determination, and to clarify diagnosis to support develop of an effective treatment plan. The APA provides more information about psychological testing.



Aromatherapy has been identified as a potential source of coping for symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression. Essential oils used in aromatherapy treatments include lavender, rosemary, frankincense, orange oil and others. Clients at Age to Age Counseling may request aromatherapy for their individual sessions by speaking with their counselor. There is no additional fee for including aromatherapy in your sessions. More information about aromatherapy can be found here and here

Sand Tray


Sand Tray therapy is well know in New Mexico, due largely to the extensive work and training offered by Dr. Teresa Kestley at the Sand Tray Training Institute of New Mexico. This type of counseling involves a "tactile, nonverbal experience" that  "promotes awareness of deeply personal emotional issues within a safe, therapeutic environment" (Webber & Mascari, 2008). The Sandtray Therapy Institute provides more information about this approach.